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Large Diameter Long Reach CCTV and Sonar Sewer Survey

Project Overview


Ward and Burke Water Ltd







Project Summary

The key drivers for this Project included the following:

  • Critical Sewer survey condition location, degradation, siltation and reporting to include recommendations for interventions.
  • Sewers to be surveyed ranging from 900mm to 3000 mm in diameter scoped for survey 20 kilometres of main drainage pipeline with limited or difficult off-road access.
  • Many lines at depths over 9 meters some passing under the river Shannon.
  • All sewers to be surveyed live, at full flow, no isolation possible. Tidal influence and weather dependent.


The Challenge:

To survey the 3-meter diameter Limerick Sewer Tunnel pipe line and assets by non-person entry with points of access some 1500 meters apart. Precision Group specialise in large diameter long reach CCTV and Sonar surveying of lines most contractors cannot reach. Situated within a busy urban city centre and docklands area this presented challenges to our team all of which were overcome.


  • Pre site survey to identify access and carry out robust risk assessment and specify survey method in line with clients’ deliverable requirements.
  • Pre-Site completed out of hours under full traffic management to identify roads for closures and apply for lane closure permits.
  • Plan the works and commission a purpose-built off road survey inspection vehicle.
  • Land Rover Discovery and a Kuboto Ranger four-wheel drive for the narrower access points.
  • Establish lifting plan for heavy duty covers both on and off-road sections.
  • PIV/Pipe Inspection Vehicle to be capable of full side and invert sonar scan along with front and rear facing HD CCTV. Utilising a tethered system with a reach of 4000 meters from one point capturing sonar data and hd video footage into Wincan VX reporting software.
  • This enabled us to survey from one poet thousands of meters of line which previously would have required a seven person entry team.
  • The mitigation of risk by surveying remotely is a specilality.

Reason for Survey

The client Ward and Burke required the condition location survey to Irish Water Technical standards the complete safety ,design, landowners, Liasson and management full managed implementation of the survey of the Limerick Cities most critical main drain drainage pipelines.

The survey area covered busy urban areas works over water and set ups far from the public highway.

Precision Group completed the site works and produced a detailed factual report including CCTV/Sonar Scan footage data-capture including full photographic records of internal pipe condition as surveyed.99.8 percent completion of scoped works and competition of surveys on lines discovered during the survey.

Description of sewers surveyed:

  • Sewers scoped for survey by client’s representative foul and combined cat R sewers with various diameters ranging between and including 1500mm and 3000mm.
  • Scoped for suey 20km mainly off the public highway.
  • Pipe depths circa 16 meters.
  • The CCTV Sonar survey was required primarily focused on the large diameter Limerick sewer tunnel. This interceptor sewers previously not surveyed due to access and reach limitations by past survey companies. Sections had been surveyed by man entry in the past.
  • Carried out utilising our 4 km reach survey cable with sonar works carried out by a trusted partner.

Equipment used and survey standards:

The equipment utilised was a purpose-built floating pipe inspection vehicle or tethered PIV with a 4km reach from any point. All calibrated equipment certified and conforming to the IW standard IW-MOD-TEC-5030-002 and the WRC standard WRC-SRMC.

Reporting software utilised for compilation of survey data within this report was Wincan VX. All reporting and sewer classification surveys were carried out to MSCC5 standard by qualified and certified surveyors. In line with and gathered at the time of survey to, MSCC5 and IW-MOD-TEC-5030-002, WRC-SRMC standards.

Quality Control:

A. Precision Group internal quality control procedure PISQA-2001-WRC-03 all internal Precision survey data was subject to Precision quality control checking of all data prior to submission to the client’s representative for their external quality control check of 5% of data submitted as per the IW standard IW-MOD-TEC-5030-002.

All assets surveyed and reported to standard including QA check of all data.

Asset Condition Report including scans and footage.

Condition degradation assessment report.

Recommendations for rehabilitation, cleaning and civil repairs.

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Steven Pimblett

Head of Finance

After studying accountancy at Queen’s University of Belfast and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2001, Steven “moved to industry” in 2002, holding senior finance roles with several local businesses.  

Steven joined The Precision Group in 2019 and was appointed Finance Director in 2020.  Steven leads Precision’s experienced and dedicated Finance Team.  He constantly strives to maximise the long-term financial performance of the Group via the provision of robust, considered and pragmatic guidance to both internal management and the board.  

In addition, Steven, together with the finance team, manage the day to day finances of Precision and provide accurate and timely information to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.    

Eddie Finn

Head of Technical Services – Construction & Building Division

Eddie joined The Precision Group in 2016 as Head of Technical Services for the Construction & Building Division.

With over 25 years’ experience within the Construction & Building Sector, Eddie has managed many large scale construction projects across the UK and Ireland.  

Along with a wealth of industry experience, Eddie holds numerous professional qualifications and accreditations, including MCIOB, ACIBE, IOSH, NVQ Level 7 in Construction Senior Management and the Constructions Skill Register Black Construction Management Card.

Not content with standing still, Eddie is currently working towards the NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health & Safety.

Alan Stringer

Senior Contracts Manager

Alan is one of the company’s longest-serving employees, having joined the Precision Group in 2000 as a Specialist Contracts Manager.

He is currently responsible for the development and management of the Precision Group’s specialist technical services, primarily within the Utility Data Capture arena.  Latest projects include the Cork City DAP, which was one of the largest European drainage asset surveys completed in recent years.

Alan often represents the Group at various international water and engineering sector forums.  In his spare time, he is a motorcycles and rugby enthusiast.

“Our dedicated Utility Data Capture team offer specialist asset surveying and data management services across the UK, Ireland and Europe. It is imperative we remain at the forefront in terms of the technology we utilise, both on site and within our back office, including the provision of industry leading data packages designed to exceed our clients requirements.”

Kevin Lynch

HSE Manager

An experienced HSE Manager, Kevin’s primary role within the Group is to lead a positive HSE culture throughout the company and bring practical HSE solutions to the day-to-day operations of the business. 

Kevin provides professional advice and support for the Group’s Contract Managers, Supervisors and other staff in relation to all health, safety and environmental matters, including client site audits.

As HSE Manager, Kevin has overall responsibility for compliance with all current legislation, including codes of practice and relevant standards, across The Precision Group. He also manages the Group’s Integrated Management System, including ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, ensuring critical control points are monitored effectively.

With over 30 years’ experience within the Fire and Rescue Service, Kevin brings a wealth of experience to the role.

Seamus McCallan

Operations Manager – Construction & Building Division - Asbestos

After being involved in his family business for over 15 years,  Seamus joined The Precision Group as one of two Contracts Managers, overseeing all projects within the specialist Asbestos division.

Now head of the Group’s Asbestos Division, Seamus has primary responsibility for over 20 staff, managing projects in excess of £1.5m last year.  With over 25 years’ experience within the Asbestos and Demolition / Construction industries, Seamus has a wealth of experience within the sector, paired with exceptional communication and leadership skills.

Seamus places significant emphasis on open and transparent communication, fostering strong relationships between clients, contractors and internal stakeholders alike, to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

“Having experienced several changes within the Industry over the past three decades, the ability to improvise and adapt in any given situation is essential.  As a team, we continually strive to deliver the best service in our field”.

Kevin Williams

Managing Director

Kevin has a long history with The Precision Group, beginning his tenure as Financial Controller, some 20 years ago.  His career quickly progressed to Finance & IT Director, leading to his current position of Managing Director in 2013.

As a Chartered Accountant, Kevin has a steely interest in the financial planning and management for all Precision Group Companies, playing a pivotal role in the overall strategic direction of the Group.  Kevin is an inclusive Managing Director, leading the Senior Management team and empowering them at every opportunity to push forward.

In Kevin’s words –

“The company started over 30 years ago as a local contract cleaning company; I am proud to have been part of the company’s growth to become one of Northern Ireland’s most diverse business providers.  Today, in addition to our core Facilities Management services, we offer a host of other specialist services including asbestos removal, thermo-chemical cleaning and process equipment refurbishment.  We will continue to invest in the up-skilling of our workforce who are paramount to our future growth and will continue to fervently seek out opportunities in other sectors and geographic locations.  We are delighted to include some of the top players within the Global Oil & Gas industry, in our client lists.”