Septic Tank Emptying & Desludging
Northern Ireland

Domestic and Commercial Septic Tank De sludge and Disposal of Waste to Licensed Facility

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Septic Tank Emptying by Licensed Professionals

As a leading Drainage Contractor and registered waste carrier, the Precision Group can empty your septic tank safely and responsibly, using a combination of powerful vacuumation and tankering equipment. 

Our service is quick, efficient, professional and competitive, servicing both domestic and commercial clients. We have the ability to empty all types of Septic Tanks, Cesspits, Cesspools, Sewage Treatment Plants and Grease Traps. 

Our septic tank cleaning service can be arranged as a regular service or as a one-off project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why does my septic tank need to be emptied?

Your septic tank will be emptied and cleaned by our trained professionals. Using a vacuum tanker, with a powerful suction force hose, our staff will operate the equipment to remove all waste. All waste will then be disposed of at a licensed waste facility.  

What are the warning signs that my septic tank needs emptying?

Signs that may indicate that your septic tank needs emptied includes:

  • Smell if there is a high intense odor
  • Puddles form around the tank
  • Sewage backing up in toilets and sinks
  • Gurgling drainpipes
  • A really healthy lawn

How often should I empty my septic tank?

For a typical tank, we would recommend that your septic tank will need to be emptied every year to ensure that it works efficiently. 

However, every tank is different in type and size and may need cleaning more often. At Precision, we can access your tank to provide accurate maintenance schedules. 

How much will your septic tank emptying cost?

The price of emptying your septic tank will depend on your location and the volume of waste that needs to be removed. 

We can provide you with a free quote, simply complete the form at the top or bottom of this page and we will send you a cost to review. Alternatively, speak to a member of our team on 028 7186 0135.

Other Services

With a team of dedicated drainage professionals, we can provide a range of drainage solutions.  

If you need our assistance don’t hesitate to contact us, we can provide expert advice and free quotations. 

Grease Management

At Precision Group, we are experts in grease trap management as well as the removal of fats, oils and grease from Industrial Systems.
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Tank Cleaning and Decommission

The Precision Group specialise in cleaning and maintaining tanks in Northern Ireland & Ireland, anything from sewage waste to hazardous fuels & chemicals.
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Culvert Cleaning

Utilising high volume remote DI-SAB, water re-cycling technology, Precision offer high efficiency culvert cleaning.
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Interceptor Management

Interceptors must be regularly serviced, emptied and cleaned. Precision Group can remove the interceptor contents and transport the waste to a certified treatment plant.
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